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Patient Case 1: H.S

Treatment Description

H hated her teeth because they looked "dished in" and looked grey. She had ceramic fixed braces for 18 months followed by tooth whitening.

I would wholeheartedly encourage anyone to go ahead with orthodontic treatment at the Roberts Harry clinic. As a dentist myself I was probably not one of the easiest patients to treat. From start to finish the whole process was totally professional, a lot easier than I could ever have imagined and frankly, rather enjoyable! I couldn't be more thrilled with the final result and consequently was only too happy to write this for all the staff and dentists to show my immense appreciation.

Many thanks

Patient Case 2: G.J

Treatment Description

Gemma did not like her teeth so wore fixed braces for 18 months.

My daughter Gemma has recently completed her treatment and is delighted with the end result. The staff were all friendly, approachable and very professional and Gemma was well looked after throughout her treatment. As you can see from the photos, they did an amazing job with her teeth and Gemma hasn’t stopped smiling since!!! Job well done and thanks to all the staff.

Patient Case 3: R.A

The big gap was the thing RA disliked most about her teeth. She had upper and lower fixed braces for 18 months to close the spaces and straighten her teeth.

Having straight teeth has really made me feel better about myself, I’d definitely recommend anyone to go for treatment!

Patient Case 4: R.C

My teeth were all over the place and my dentist referred me to The Robert-Harry Dental clinic I knew it was a good idea!

I was very impressed with the professionalism and friendliness of the staff, right through from the receptionists to the orthodontists. It took a couple of weeks to get used to the braces, and eating was uncomfortable at first, but after that it didn’t even feel like I had braces on.

Having treatment has given me a much much nicer smile, which has made me more confident – Thank you!

If your thinking of having orthodontic treatment – definitely go for it! Your teeth are with you for a lifetime so why not make them look good?

Patient Case 5: A.S

Treatment Description

AS did not like the gap between his front teeth and the crooked canine teeth. He had fixed braces on the upper and lower teeth for 18 months.

I didn’t know what to expect as I thought my teeth were very bad but now after such a short time I cannot believe they were ever like that in the first place!

So many people wear braces these days that I didn’t have any problems wearing mine.

Patient Case 6: P.H

Treatment Description

P was unhappy because his dark, crooked teeth gave him a lacklustre smile. He had tooth coloured ceramic braces followed by whitening to lighten his teeth. He was delighted with the result because his new smile made him look good and gave him more self confidence.

I was unsure whether to straighten my teeth. As a child I had braces and remembered it as being a combination of torturous metal, elastic bands and teasing. This is not however, how it is at all, and a combination of professionalism, the very latest technologies and porcelain (almost invisible) fittings made the experience with the RH Clinic rather enjoyable. Although I'd rather hoped they would be able to straighten my teeth in a couple of weeks, fifteen months later, I had, as you can see, a perfect set of nashers! I was offered fantastic service and support, from booking appointments, regular checks ups through to whitening.

I used to dislike photographs and would rarely smile, now I look for opportunities to flash my pearly whites and thoroughly enjoy receiving compliments on my teeth and how great they look.

The RH Clinic has transformed the art of teeth straightening into an enjoyable experience that offers fantastic results. I would strongly recommend them to anyone and all ages, and like great teachers, everyone remembers a great smile.

Patient Case 7: K

Treatment Description

K was unhappy with her crooked, dark teeth because she felt they made her look older. She had Invisalign treatment for 13 months followed by tooth whitening. This meant she could have her teeth straightened without anyone knowing she was wearing a brace. She was delighted with the result which restored the lost sparkle of her teeth and allowed her to smile with confidence!

Patient Case 8: A.B
smile gallerysmile gallery

Treatment Description

Alice didn't like her "fangy teeth". She wore upper and lower fixed braces for just over 2 years.

Thank you so much for straightening my teeth! It’s improved my confidence and I have never stopped smiling! I am very pleased with how my teeth turned out and have never regretted having my braces!

Patient Case 9: S.C
smile gallerysmile gallery

Treatment Description

Sophie did not like her upper teeth that protruded 15mm (the normal amount is 2mm) and in addition they were gappy. She had a Twin Block for 12 months and then fixed braces for about 22 months afterwards

Thank you so much for giving me a beautiful smile! I had treatment for three years, which included twin blocks and braces, throughout the whole time I had your full support and care. The three years were definitely worth it because now I am no longer self-conscious about my smile and I can’t stop smiling! Thank you for everything.

Patient Case 10: V.D
smile gallerysmile gallery

Treatment Description

V had tooth whitening and simple no preparation addition of tooth coloured fillings to reshape the chip to her front tooth

Thank you so much. I am so happy with my new smile. The work on my teeth has made such a difference to my confidence when I smile. Thanks to you, I was beaming on all of my wedding photographs and am still enjoying the many compliments about the difference you have made. The work was so quick and gentle; I wish I'd done it years ago and would thoroughly recommend the Roberts Harry Dental Clinic to others.

Patient Case 11: C.M
smile gallerysmile gallery

Treatment Description

Claire had crooked upper teeth with two missing teeth (lateral incisors). She wore fixed braces for 24 months to straighten the teeth and close the gaps where her teeth were missing.

Patient Case 12: E
smile gallerysmile gallery

Treatment Description

E had crooked dark teeth with large, stained fillings that spoilt her smile. She had minimal preparation veneers that instantly transformed her appearance just in time for a very important event!

Best money I’ve ever spent! Before I never smiled on photos and now I do! All I can look at on photos is my smile. I had them done for my wedding and it made my photos so much better! Thank you.

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