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  • Healthy gums require a good standard of oral hygiene on a regular basis. Although most people now regularly brush their teeth this is often inadequate because of poor technique and lack of cleaning between the teeth. Invisible bacterial plaque can congregate around and between the teeth. These bacteria release toxins that infect and irritate the gums and cause gingivitis. Bad breath may also develop from the accumulated dying plaque bacteria. This process can spread down under the gum leading to breakdown of the supporting fibres and bone that hold teeth in the jaw. Smoking has been shown to contribute to the problem, as have some illnesses such as diabetes. The same bacteria that causes periodontal disease also are responsible for heart disease and much research is being carried out to see if these diseases are linked.

    Periodontal disease may go unnoticed as it is usually painless in the early stages. Symptoms such as bad breath may also be missed, unless a friend or loved one makes you aware. Importantly, more teeth are lost through periodontal disease than tooth decay and hence the importance of treatment. Early treatment helps keep teeth longer. This involves improving oral hygiene with instruction in brushing, flossing or use of minibrushes to clean between teeth, then professional cleaning of the tooth surfaces above and below the gum line to encourage healing of the gum tissue.

    We offer periodontal patients a thorough oral health assessment to include teeth, gums and an oral cancer review. This is followed by a report and quotation to ensure patients fully understand the problem and level of treatment required. The treatment is carried out by our team of dental therapists as well as the periodontist to obtain the best possible result.

    For further information on periodontal disease please visit the British Society of Periodontology website.

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Cosmetic Dentist North Yorkshire - We offer periodontal patients a thorough oral health assessment to include teeth, gums and an oral cancer review.